Feature Projects

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    Power Plant Controller (ERCOT)

    A solar farm normally causes power fluctuation to the bulk power grid. This project developed a power plant control (PPC) system following Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) compliance for the solar farm in combination with a microgrid at the power level of 40% of the solar farm, used PSCAD to ensure the system stability.

  • Offshore Scroby Sands Wind Farm, Located In The North Sea Off Th
    Wind Farm (NYISO)

    System modeling and studies for the 122MW wind project were conducted in PSS/E, PSCAD, and ETAP. INS supported customers to complete studies including model quality tests, harmonics, TOV, NERC PRC 019, 023, 024, 025, 027, and NERC MOD 026 and 027, and Arc Flash Hazard Study.

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    Wind Farm (ISO-NE)

    INS provided backing to a wind initiative in Maine undertaken by Apex. The aim was to simulate the wind project using PSCAD to ensure conformity with ISO-NE regulations. INS performed comprehensive analyses of the system, encompassing tests for TOV (such as load rejection, both balanced and unbalanced faults, as well as the activation of a synchronous condenser). Moreover, we carry out assessments for Harmonic and flicker in accordance with the guidelines outlined in IEEE 519 and IEC standards.

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    Energy Storage Project (ERCOT)

    The energy storage systems were modeled and studied. Systems were modeled in PSCAD, PSSE, and ASPEN compliant with ERCOT. Models were tested against model quality tests following ERCOT guideline. The rest of studies include reactive power studies, and harmonic studies.

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    Meshed HVDC Studies (NYISO)

    INS conducted EMT studies to assess system reliability with meshed HVDC for offshore wind. The project was modeled in RTDS. The regional study criteria were reviewed, and notable section considerations were emphasized. The analysis included system stability against contingencies N-1 and N-1-1 and the corresponding results.