• projects1
    project #1
    Offshore Wind

    Design offshore wind farms in the power levels of 400MW, 800MW, and 1,2GW. Develop real-time wind farm models and analyze the impacts of these farms (power, frequency, and power quality) when they are interconnected to bulk power grids. Advanced toolboxes used for offshore wind design and analysis include OpenWind, RTDS, Opal-RT, and PSCAD.

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    project #2

    Solar/wind farms cause power fluctuation in power grids. We develop independent microgrids consisting of Lithium batteries with the total power of multimegawatts to eliminate the power fluctuation, stabilize system frequency, and enhance the power quality of the power grid. PSCAD and MATLAB/Simulink are used for the system design and analysis.

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    project #3
    Power Plant Controller Design For A Combined Microgrid-Solar Farm System

    A solar farm normally causes power fluctuation to the bulk power grid. This project developed a power plant control (PPC) system following Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) compliance for the solar farm in combination with a microgrid at the power level of 40% of the solar farm, used PSCAD to ensure the system stability.

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    project #4
    Review Designs of Solar/Wind Farms

    Review multiple solar & wind farm projects in the US and worldwide with the power levels of 50MW, 102MW, 225MW, 220MW, 227MW, 250MW.
    – Supported to optimize the solar/wind farm layouts. Selected design and size for wind turbines and PV panels. Analyzed the farms’ annual energy production.
    – Substation designs: Reviewed single-line and three-line diagrams for substations, relay, protection schemes, transformers, communication, and other electrical devices.
    – Reviewed analysis of load flow, short circuits, grounding, harmonics, and other power quality issues.

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    project #5
    Load Forecasting

    This project utilized an artificial intelligent technology, deep learning with 24 hidden layers to provide an accurate load forecasting model for national grid operator.