Product & Services

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    System Design

    Wind, solar energy, energy storage, microgrids, and other smart grid
    systems design, analysis, and validation to meet required standards (e.g. NERC compliance) with advanced designed toolboxes.

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    System Studies

    Plant Model, Power Plant Controller, Inverter Model, Protective Relay, Harmonic Analysis, Temporary Overvoltage, Transient Recovery Voltage, Reactive Power Compensation, Lightning, Ferroresonance, Capacitor Switching, and Transformer Energization.

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    System O&M

    Advanced solutions for Operations and Maintenance for renewable energy systems.

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    Provide workshops/short courses for engineers in various topics including: Renewable energy, energy storage technologies; power system design & control; Standards (e.g. IEEE 1547, UL 1741, IEC 61850, IEEE 519, NERC Compliance)